Norwegian Tradition

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Zack Seckler
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☀️🌊✨#광안리 (Gwangalli Beach, Busan에서)


Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari for New York Magazine

From the article:

"For New York's Spring Fashion issue, conceptualist sculptor Maurizio Cattelan teamed up with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari to shoot standout men's and women's runway collections in a most delightfully absurdist manner. Key items of the season, such as the ubiquitous Prada sunny fur coat and Chanel's sock-shoe hybrid, appear in this collection highlighting some of spring's more memorable moments in both ready-to-wear and accessories.”

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by Dan Ohlmann
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- From “Kodomo Keisatsu (Police Children),” directed by Yuichi Fukuda (2012)

Welp gotta get my hands on this
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An elevated view of the private gardens in Christchurch, New Zealand, January 1972. Photograph by James L. Amos, National Geographic.
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Characters in a pageant depict “Britannia” and her colonies and dependencies, 1928.Photograph by Clifton R. Adams, National Geographic Creative
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